About Yvonne

Yvonne Heil is the founder and CEO of Divine Feminine Visibility and creator of the online programs “Visible You” and “Unlock Your Visibility”. As a lover of fun and money who gets straight to the point without any unnecessary fuss, Yvonne is a highly spiritual force of nature.

She is a leader in teaching female entrepreneurs the secrets to breaking down their mental visibility roadblocks, becoming uncompromisingly authentic with their message, and thereby attracting more of their favorite customers simply and easily. And that in turn means that you can easily scale your business and your sales.

She has been involved in online training for 6 years and is uncompromisingly open with her message. She teaches women how to recognize their mental roadblocks, increase their self-worth, turn hater comments into fuel for their success, and take their business to new heights.

Additionally, she helps female entrepreneurs abandon their self-sabotage patterns around money and success, heal their money relationships, chart a healthy path to abundance and success, and create wealth that lasts for generations.

With her principles, Yvonne grew from zero in the bank to a highly successful transformation and visibility mentor, money mindset mentor, divine abundance queen and creator of divine prosperity.
Yvonne is also a Certified Hypnotist, Energetic Healer, Ho’oponopono Practitioner, Certified Goddess Creation Practitioner, Life Coach and Systemic Family Practitioner, with the skills and care to support you in transforming your life.
Over the past few years, Yvonne has shared her proven process with hundreds of exhausted, overworked and underpaid women in Austria, Germany and Switzerland who deserve so much more effortless and lasting abundance in their lives.