NeuroHack Magic BETA Test

90 days of life-changing support for exceptional business growth and personal mastery for Visionary Female Leaders!

Original price was: € 6,000.00.Current price is: € 1,196.40.

A 90-day intensive program designed specifically for Visionary Female Leaders to achieve extraordinary business growth and personal mastery through hypnosis, clairaudience and energetic tools. This program focuses on vision casting, releasing subconscious blocks, and strategic manifestation to help participants achieve financial freedom and welcome karmic millions.

What's in it for you?

1 x 90 minute Deep Dive VIP introductory session: A private session at the beginning of the program to identify individual problems and goals and create your new self-image.

11 x 60 minutes weekly session: Live, interactive sessions that we design individually according to your needs and enrich them with energetic tools such as Hypnosis, Akasha reading or Systemic Family Constellation.

Clairaudience Insights: Personalized guidance during sessions
Exclusive online community: A private group for ongoing support, networking and sharing experiences.

Bonus: group sessions with other beta testers

The NeuroHack Magic is everything you need to implement your big ideas for your business as quickly as possible, stick with it and make your vision of your dream life a reality.

NeuroHack Magic is right for you if…

... you want to create your new self-image and grow into your new version of an entrepreneur!
... you finally want to implement it permanently!
... you finally want to appear more confident!
... you want to show more self-discipline in order to realize your successes more quickly!
... you want to strengthen your resilience and endurance for those moments when things get bumpy!