Leave the 9 to 5 grind behind and become a full time success story

Abundance Hypnotist & Transformation Mentor
Yvonne Heil presents

NeuroHack Magic

Evolve to a client magnet within 90 days with my proven NeuroHack System.

Ready to shine as an expert in your niche? “NeuroHack Magic” is your VIP ticket to break free from self-sabotage, build confidence, and elevate your business in just 90 days. Say goodbye to hiding and embrace your authentic, visible CEO self. I’ll guide you on this journey to a radiant life!

Beautiful, does that sound familiar?

Would you like to attract only your ideal clients and much faster then before?

Do you constantly want to double your revenue?

Do you want to stop caring about what other people think about you?

Do you want to align your frequency to the frequency of abundance and wealth?

Do you desire to uncompromisingly show yourself with your full truth?

I am here, to tell you that you are no longer alone and that it doesn’t have to be so hard. There is an easier way.

This 90-day transformative journey is for you if you want to…


Show up more self-confident than ever before.


Increase your self-worth so that you have the courage to demand the actual value for your work and never sell yourself short again.


Attract your ideal clients easily and confidently by being authentically visible and never keeping your true message hidden again.


Experience the appreciation and recognition you have been longing for so long and you finally want to feel confident in your true beauty and visibility


Attract more clients and money so easily that it's fun and know a surefire method to turn off the negative self-talk.


Know the Exact Steps You have to Make to Scale Your Business to build Your 6-Figure Legacy


Align your frequency with wealth and a constant flow of high ticket clients.


Stop the overwhelm of balancing your 9-5 and your heart-centered business

Now it’s time to transform your scars and that awesome willpower into your new life as a radiant and successful entrepreneur. For more visibility, more clients, more sales and more fun. Just the way you want it!

This is what you will get in the program:

1 x 90 minute VIP kick-off session

(value: € 1,497)

  • We will be working hand in hand in a deep dive 1:1 session.
  • We will identify your limiting patterns one by one and I will craft a brilliant, tailored roadmap designed to eliminate these hurdles.
  • This will pave the way for you to step into the spotlight, become the full-time success story you always wanted to be and show up as a CEO DIVA.
  • Get ready to embark on this transformative journey.
  • Reclaim the brilliance that’s been within you all along.

11 x 60-minute NeuroHack Sessions

(value: €8,791)

Following the 4 Steps of the NeuroHack System you will be…

  • Enjoying Group Sessions with other ambitious women where I will work my Magic with hypnosis enriched by energetic techniques that deepen your experience
  • Putting into Action My Marketing Secret Sauce that helped me to build my business from scratch to financial freedom.
  • We will be reshaping those subconscious beliefs you hold and supercharge your self-confidence.
  • Dive in to an immersive experience, following the precise roadmap that we meticulously outlined during our VIP kick-off session.
  • I will navigate you through challenges, be at your side when celebrating victories, and witnessing your evolution.
  • So you will achieve your goals in no time and experience lasting results.

Bonuses for even more success

Bonus 1: Guidebook “From best-kept secret to Radiant Entrepreneur Star”

(value: € 297)


  • This guidebook holds techniques that help you conquer the barriers you’ve imposed on yourself over the years.
  • Daily exercises that are designed to elevate your self-worth and pinpoint those limiting beliefs help you with that.
  • This guidebook also provides tools to help you transform into a shining entrepreneur, all at your fingertips.
  • Get ready to empower your journey towards visibility and success!

Bonus 2: 20-minute Audio for Visualizing Visibility Flow Manifestation

(value: € 497)


  • This powerful resource was meticulously designed to facilitate the manifestation of your new self-image.
  • It is your expert guidance while you embark on a journey within.
  • It helps you visualize and cultivate a profound connection with the radiant and visible version of your inner CEO.

Total value: € 11,082

Get the gist of the 4 Steps that Lead You to Success

Step 1 – Mindset Makeover

Transform your mindset to fuel your entrepreneurial journey. Shape your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors for success in business and life through self-discovery and introspection. Explore hypnosis, mindset exercises, and journaling to cultivate awareness and overcome limitations.

Challenge and reframe limiting beliefs to foster confidence, resilience, and abundance. Develop a positive mindset to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve goals with clarity. Identify and reframe limiting beliefs, and cultivate support for your entrepreneurial path.

Step 2 – Inner Resilience Building

Gain clarity on your vision, values, and goals to focus on what truly matters. Define your vision for success and align it with your values and passions. Let intrinsic motivation drive your entrepreneurial journey, overcoming obstacles with resilience.

Stay committed to your vision, using it to create the business and life you desire. Clarify your goals and align actions with your purpose. Create a roadmap for staying focused and achieving your aspirations.

Step 3 – Vision Clarity & Alignment

Clarity of vision is crucial for meaningful goal-setting and focused action in both your business and personal life.

Gain vision clarity, align your actions with your purpose and goals, and create a roadmap for success. Harness intrinsic motivation, overcome obstacles with determination, and illuminate the path to achieve your dreams.

Key elements include clarity on vision, values, and goals, aligning actions with purpose, and creating a roadmap for focused achievement.

Step 4 – Empowered Action & Implementation

Step boldly into your empowered journey, armed with confidence and direction.

Craft a strategic blueprint infused with the secret ingredients of marketing success.

Use powerful tools to prioritize tasks, overcome obstacles, and stay relentlessly focused on realizing your vision.

Deconstruct your goals with precision and establish unwavering accountability structures for relentless commitment. Embrace support, motivation, and feedback to achieve your aspirations with vigor.

Vicky Höcht

certified MAS dementia trainer

Yvonne helped me a lot in making a groundbreaking decision during a difficult professional phase. Using her approaches and methods, we untied my Gordian knot in a flash. If I had known that, I would have gone to her much earlier. Thank you very much for your help!

Conny Raunig

Healing coach and health advice at the cellular level

What do you really want? Yvonne can help you bring these wishes into reality. The energetic alignment has put me on a new path full of gratitude, love and forgiveness for old things. I manifested a healthy pregnancy in the 1st week of coaching and am now in the 9th week.

Claudia Rauhofer


Thank you for the great coaching and competent support! Very sensitive and honest! I will definitely continue with Yvonne 👍🏻!!!

Bettina Kohlweiss

Color, style and image consultant & human resources specialist

An enrichment! Thank you for your valuable work. Very personable, very personal and empathetic.

Silvia Wagner

Animal communicator

Successful people can also be coached. I did an incredible family constellation with Yvonne that really impressed me. Yvonne led it with excellent intuition and a lot of empathy; she was highly professional and enabled everyone involved to engage in this method with confidence.

Vicky Höcht

zertifizierte MAS Demenz Trainerin

Yvonne hat mir in einer schwierigen beruflichen Phase bei einer richtungsweisenden Entscheidung sehr weitergeholfen. Mit ihren Ansätzen und Methoden haben wir meinen gordischen Knoten blitzschnell gelöst. Wenn ich das geahnt hätte, wäre ich schon viel früher zu ihr gegangen. Herzlichen DANK für deine Hilfe!

Conny Raunig

Healing Coach und Gesundheitsberatung auf Zellebene

Was möchtest du wirklich? Yvonne kann dir helfen, diese Wünsche in die Realität zu holen. Die energetische Ausrichtung hat mich auf einen neuen Weg voller Dankbarkeit, Liebe und Vergebung für Altes gebracht. Ich habe bereits in der 1. Woche des Coachings eine gesunde Schwangerschaft manifestiert und bin jetzt in der 9. Woche.

Claudia Rauhofer


Vielen Dank für das tolle Coaching und die kompetente Begleitung! Sehr einfühlsam und ehrlich! Werde auf jeden Fall bei und mit Yvonne weitermachen 👍🏻!!!

Bettina Kohlweiss

Farb-, Stil- und Imageberaterin & Personalistin

Eine Bereicherung! Danke für deine wertvolle Arbeit. Sehr sympathisch, sehr persönlich und empathisch.

Silvia Wagner


Erfolgreiche Menschen lassen sich auch coachen. Ich habe bei Yvonne eine unglaubliche Familienaufstellung gemacht, die mich sehr beeindruckt hat. Yvonne hat sie mit einer hervorragenden Intuition und viel Einfühlungsvermögen geführt, sie war dabei hochprofessionell und ermöglichte es allen Beteiligten, sich voller Vertrauen auf diese Methode einzulassen.

About Yvonne Heil

About Me - Yvonne Heil

I myself have experienced an incredible transformation: from the exhausted marketing manager who internally begged for recognition but always put herself second, I have developed into a self-confident and visible entrepreneur. I am now a visible entrepreneur who appears authentic and stands up for herself and her beliefs. It's been a long and bumpy road!

A ride you don't have to take! I already made it for you! I'll help to avoid the potholes on your way to becoming an authentically visible entrepreneur. This saves you a lot of frustration, time and money!

What was my path and how did I get to where I am today? I have two studies, countless training courses and several failed attempts to become self-employed with all my knowledge. For a long time I wasn't consistently successful at anything. I was stuck in a toxic spiral of self-sabotage for nearly three decades. And I wasn't even aware of it. Until I discovered that it all had to do with my limiting beliefs and behavior patterns. Beliefs that I inherited from my parents and grandparents and that have shaped me for a long time.

I constantly struggled with money and success, and one day I got tired of it. I no longer wanted to play it safe, play it small and be looked down upon. So I decided: “It can’t go on like this. I deserve better. I'm better. Something finally has to change and be easy for me.”

And since I'm admittedly lazy and like quick solutions to everything, I looked for a shortcut. A shortcut to achieving my goal of a financially free life quickly, easily, permanently and without much fuss. I found this shortcut to a financially free life. And this shortcut is called hypnosis. From the very beginning, hypnosis changed my life – instantly. At first I couldn't believe how easy it really could be. I have tried so many other methods. Some worked for a while but unfortunately never brought about lasting change. But with the discovery of hypnosis everything changed. Since then, it has been my passion to give other women this wonderful tool. I help them create the life they deserve and become the amazing entrepreneurs they have always been.

Does this story sound familiar? Do you also want to take such a path of transformation? Then treat yourself to my hypnosis audio!

Why work with me, darling?


With your passion and my expertise, together we can ignite the brilliant and radiant DIVA CEO that hides within you and start boosting your revenues.


My unique NeuroHack System is designed to help you effectively reduce self-sabotage and pave your way to become the radiant entrepreneur super star you are ment to be.


Success, abundance and the flow that you have been dreaming of for so long are already within your grasp! The truth is: If you could overcome self-sabotage on your own, you would have done it by now. It's time to invest in yourself and your success. Let’s make your financial dream come true together!