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How you will finally become authentically visible in 2024, attract your ideal clients non-stop so that you can quit your 9-5 job and finally become a full-time success story!

Ready for the Game-Changer 2024?

Exclusive session with 15 minutes of LIVE hypnosis!

On Wednesday, February 21st, 2024, inventor of the NeuroHack System and Transformation Mentor Yvonne Heil will reveal how you can break down mental roadblocks, how you can finally become authentically visible and how clients will line up at your door and how you can double your sales with her simple 4 step NeuroHack Sysetem!

In the Master Class you will receive exclusive insider knowledge about…

how to bring your energy and frequency into resonance with your ideal high-ticket clients

how to pave the way for your financial success

how you can stop feeling like an impostor

how to free yourself from the overwhelm of balancing your 9-5 and heart-centered business

how you can quickly and easily free yourself from old patterns forever

which rituals keep you on the path to authentic visibility and financial success

What if 2024 is the big turning point in your life?

Do you have a passionate longing to finally be really successful with your business as a coach, trainer or consultant so that you and your loved ones can live a life full of abundance? So you can finally get out of the 9-5 hamster wheel?

Then you are in the right spot!

Over the past years as an energetic coach and hypnotist, I have accompanied hundreds of people in writing the their entrepreneurial success stories with the financial freedom they always wanted by reprogramming their mindset.

To make your entrepreneurial dream life a reality you only need these 3 key elements:

  1. Your crystal clear vision of what your dream life looks like. 
  2. The exact goal you have set for your business.
  3. A sustainable Mindset Makeover that allows you to ignite the entrepreneurial super star you really are!

In the NeuroHack Mastery Master Class, I will introduce you to the secrets of my 4-Step NeuroHack System, with which I already achieved a number of groundbreaking results for my customers and myself.

In this hour (it will probably be longer anyway, because once I get going there’s no stopping) I’ll show you how you can use the NeuroHack System as your shortcut to your goals.

This is what awaits you in the NEUROHACK MASTERY

Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at 7 p.m. CET

Get clarity about your vision for 2024.

Find the shortcut to your personal and financial success.

Experience LIVE how hypnosis can change your life.

Get to know the rituals that have led me and my clients to success.

Find the way out of the 9-5 routine and into your full-time success story!

What is Your Invest?

1 Hour

of Your Time



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Give yourself PERMISSION to be authentically visible, to ride on the same wave as your IDEAL CLIENTS and to lay the foundation for your FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

About Yvonne Heil

About Me – Yvonne Heil

I myself have experienced an incredible transformation: from the exhausted marketing manager who internally begged for recognition but always put herself second, I have developed into a self-confident and visible entrepreneur. I am now a visible entrepreneur who appears authentic and stands up for herself and her beliefs. It’s been a long and bumpy road!

A ride you don’t have to take! I already made it for you! I’ll help to avoid the potholes on your way to becoming an authentically visible entrepreneur. This saves you a lot of frustration, time and money!

What was my path and how did I get to where I am today? I have two studies, countless training courses and several failed attempts to become self-employed with all my knowledge. For a long time I wasn’t consistently successful at anything. I was stuck in a toxic spiral of self-sabotage for nearly three decades. And I wasn’t even aware of it. Until I discovered that it all had to do with my limiting beliefs and behavior patterns. Beliefs that I inherited from my parents and grandparents and that have shaped me for a long time.

I constantly struggled with money and success, and one day I got tired of it. I no longer wanted to play it safe, play it small and be looked down upon. So I decided: “It can’t go on like this. I deserve better. I’m better. Something finally has to change and be easy for me.”

And since I’m admittedly lazy and like quick solutions to everything, I looked for a shortcut. A shortcut to achieving my goal of a financially free life quickly, easily, permanently and without much fuss. I found this shortcut to a financially free life. And this shortcut is called hypnosis. From the very beginning, hypnosis changed my life – instantly. At first I couldn’t believe how easy it really could be. I have tried so many other methods. Some worked for a while but unfortunately never brought about lasting change. But with the discovery of hypnosis everything changed. Since then, it has been my passion to give other women this wonderful tool. I help them create the life they deserve and become the amazing entrepreneurs they have always been.

Does this story sound familiar? Do you also want to take such a path of transformation? Then treat yourself to my hypnosis audio!

Make 2024 Your Best Year ever!

Lay the foundation for your authentic visibility and financial freedom with the NEUROHACK MINDSET MASTERY Master Class.

After this Master Class you will…


... know exactly how to use the shortcut to success to set your subconscious frequency for abundance and success in 2024.


... get the energetic alignment that keeps you on the path to success, even when there are bumps in the road.


... have the tools to help you be on the same page as your ideal clients.


... know how to create a win-win situation so that you actually sell in sales calls.


... have clarity about your big business goal.


... have your crystal clear vision for your 5-star lifestyle.

MAKE 2024 your year, get your light out from under a bushel and become the successful, radiant entrepreneur that has always been in you with the “NeuroHack Mindset Mastery”!


The results mentioned on this page are my own experiences or those of my own customers. Please understand that my results are not typical. What’s special about me is that I really go into depth and dissolve blockages where they actually are. I always speak Tacheles. Your own results depend on many factors, such as your commitment to change and implementation as well as your attitude towards my methods. I am just your guide on your path to success, accompany you and help you over the potholes.

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