Success Visualization Bundle

3 powerful vizualisation audios to ignite your creativity, boost heart-to-heart connections through which you sell and reveal your true greatness.


What's in it for you:

  • 1 x introduction video
  • 1 x Heart Connection Activation Audio – Learn to establish a heart to heart connection with your counterpart and thus create win-win situations
  • 1 x Take Back Your Power Audio – expand into your true size and create space for your resounding success
  • 1 x Creativity Activation Audio - reactivate your creative center, which is also your eternal fountain of youth, which also helps you increase the quality of your recovery

The Success Visualization Bundle contains the visualizations that make Yvonne and her customers successful and use them for their business to support their subconscious in amplifying the changes recorded in hypnosis.

They help you create a win-win situation for yourself and your customers, activate your creative center, significantly improve your sleep rhythm and thus your recovery and expand into your true greatness. So that you become more authentically visible, attract more customers and easily double your sales.

You can expect transformative visualization exercises that will help you strengthen the vision of your 5-star lifestyle and anchor it deeply in your subconscious. They are – together with the hypnosis practiced by Yvonne – the key to your long-term financial success. And for making a difference in this world.